UX Life in Emojis

We love emojis. They’re the ultimate universal language for telling a story with a bit of fun and character. UX Emoji is a series of Emoji combinations that illustrate the top dos, don’ts, tips and frustrations in the UX process.

See if you can decipher them before we reveal what they mean…


Sketch before making wireframes

Our number one rule when designing or problem-solving is start sketching. It prevents us from getting caught up in the technology. You’ll be surprised how much it opens up possibilities that guide you to the best solution in the most efficient way.


Talk to real users, not hypothetical ones

There’s nothing more valuable than talking to real users. Not only does it help us understand their needs and pain points, but uncovers unknown problems that we didn’t even know about.


When a graphic designer says they’ll do the UX

When branding is involved, there’s always one over-eager graphic designer who offers to do the UX (just to cut down on costs and resources).


You always need a reason to use a hamburger

The power of an intuitive information architecture should never be underestimated. You’ve gone and picked the brains of users during your research, and excavated the old site. You know the juicy parts that users need. We need to remember that our buddy the hamburger menu is only one among many approaches. Let’s not get carried away and DIY the tallest building in the world that no one wants to climb.


When a developer designed the user flow

The PM has asked you to review the build of your design. A thought crosses your mind as it’s like you’re viewing it for the first time: Did I really design this? Turns out, the developer’s taken it upon himself to freestyle some new user flows.


Less is more

Day 1 of the project kicks off with a great client workshop, references are shared and content ideas are discussed. You walk away with the concept of punchy headlines and digestible content modules. The design and build process is flawless, somehow. No bugs with this project! The client takes the keys to the engine aka the CMS… 10 paragraphs later and your 150 character module design has gone way off track.


When they want an ‘Agile’ waterfall approach

The Project Manager’s talking about this new ‘Agile’ methodology he’s read about. Says you work faster in sprints. He’s put together the approach and for some reason there’s just one due date? Hmmm seems like this cobra needs more time in Jira.


We’ll change the sitemap later…

I’m not too sure why this happens in design. I’ve never heard of a builder changing the blueprint for a new building after it’s been designed.


One small insight can reshape a project

It’s important to go into each project with an open mind. Good research comes from people who leave their biased opinions at the door. The great part about user research is finding those ‘nuggets’ of information that only your audience could tell you. Sometimes these bite-sized pieces of information can completely reshape the way you move forward with the project.


Discover, Design, Deliver

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James Noble

James Noble

James is a creative leader for digital, and design experience space. He's helped re-define, create and influence positive outcomes around the world, including Europe, USA and Australia for over 20 years. He Co-created Carter Digital, recently named one of Asia Pacific’s top innovative experience agencies, renowned for their passion, and evolving user and people experiences beyond the screen. His experience and knowledge propelled him to Cannes Lion, becoming Australia's first Judge for Digital Craft in 2016. An IADAS, Adfest and Webby’s Judge in VR, Mobile, Apps, Podcast and User Experience. 

James is an advisor, teacher of user experience and digital technologies, a regular presenter, creator and speaker, discussing digital landscapes, technology trends, and the profound impact design has on humanity.

Carter Digital Team

Carter Digital Team

Kudos to the entire Carter Digital team for contributing to this article. Carter Digital is one of Australia's most influential user experience agencies. They exist to create meaningful digital experiences, transforming Social, Arts & Culture, Environmental, Health and Educational communities. 

An inclusive group of fine folk that, while all based in Australia, speak 19 languages from more than 11 countries. Through a creative use of emojis and an innovative approach, Carter solve complex problems and deliver simple real-life humour ;p

Humanity. Creativity. Purpose.

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