We Wish You a Merry UXmas

It's been a pleasure sharing these nifty little tips and creative insights with you over the past 24 days of December. We hope they've given you a tickle, provided some useful insights and helped make the season just that little bit sillier. We wanted to finish on a high note and revisit the brilliant pieces shared by this year's authors, this time in the form of one massive cartoon by us. Enjoy!

Merry UXmas 2017, authors in a large cartoon

Authors and characters from UXmas 2017, with a nod to Martin Handford. Click the image to see a larger version.


By the final day of UXmas,

my friends had shared with me:

a heartwarming story,

treatment for a malady,

a quest for King Content,

an alternative Christmas,

time as a freelancer,

team-player research,

a love letter for users,

Star Trek personalities,

relaxing watercolours,

a can of magic beans,

a crash course in content,

UX life in emojis,

a tip to design for friction,

hypotheses with cupcakes,

the worst hotel ever,

advice for your downtime,

an empathy forecast,

Cherry Danish content,

AI robots UX-ing,

boardgames for boardrooms,

a sketch template for mobile,

a way to find your purpose,

10 funny moments,

and a user-centred Santa...

And now they wish us all a stellar twenty-eighteen!

Happy holidays to you all from Luke and Tash on the editorial team at UX Mastery, and Ben, Andrew, Will and Hemi on the design team at Thirst Studios. We hope you had as much fun over 24 days of UXmas as we did. See you next year!

Luke Chambers

Luke Chambers

General tinkerer, web tailor, user-centred design soldier and tall-ship sailor, Luke Chambers is a proud co-founder and Producer of this here, and also of UX Mastery, an online training resource with tips, tools and training for aspiring UX designers. Throughout his day he listens, sketches, tells stories and explains to people the 'why' of the design that happens behind the visuals. 

Natassja Hoogstad Hay

Natassja Hoogstad Hay

Natassja is UX Mastery's resident Editor. She lives for online communication and content, and has worked in communications for Adobe, the Australian National University, and in the public sector. Based in Canberra, she wears many hats including freelance writer, digital marketer, and communications lead for TEDxCanberra.

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