Have a Holly Jolly UXmas (ft Dr Jay)

FADE IN: Mixing desk

Yeah…  It's Dr. Jay, and I’m the newest design intern in da hood.
Yeah, you know, Beats was a good venture and all—revolutionising rap music?
Sure. I’ve always been about my users, so I’m in the Product Design bid’ness now.
And yo, what better way to celebrate the silly season, than with some UX flavoured jams.
And that’s why I’m here to spread the holiday cheer for y’all muddaf***as, from a designer’s perspective.

(Holds up CD album)

It’s called “Have a Holly, Jolly UXmas.”
What you get is one hour of dope-ass Christmas hits.
Not by some wack-ass artist without the UX chops,
but by a professionally trained UX and product design team with no musical talent whatsoever.
But that’s aiight, they got the Doc…

(Struggles to put a Christmas hat on, but finally manages)

... on their side.
This also my first a capella album.
I felt like their Christmas and product design spirits was all the beats the album needed.
Listening to Christmas carols is meant to be an amazing user experience, so why are we sick of them already?
Yo. The Doc’s finna fix that. Check out what I did with a classic that needed a remix.

(starts singing in a grandiose manner)

It’s beginning to look a lot like an MVP.
Leaner than a chicken.
But the prettiest sight to see,
Is the product that will be,
In five sprints or more.

(stares back at the audience)

You get the idea. “Have a Holly Jolly UXmas.”

(shows the CD again)

It’s easy on the eyes. Easier on the ears.
And like Khaled said, here’s another one:

(starts singing)

Rudolph, the user tester, wants a hundred bucks in cash,
To provide us some feedback on some prototypes we've bashed
All of design team watched him from the observer room.
And cuz he pushed that button our hypothesis got proved!

Yeah, check out the CD. I guarantee you’ll love it.
Also available on iTunes.
Not Spotify and definitely not Tidepod or whatever it’s called.

Yeah. Look out for Detox!
I should get to that in a couple of sprints.

Yeah, I’m out.

Best wishes and a Holly, Jolly UXmas!

Sandy Ho

Sandy Ho

Got a cavity? There was a time Sandy could have helped you out, but now she’s focused on wireframes and user interviews. After a brief stint staring down the mouths of friendly strangers, she moved onto staring into the souls of event goers, consumers, and eventually, product users.

She is a child of the 90s, which may go to explain the artistic direction of this submission.

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