Outside the Box

This will be Little Elliot's first Christmas, and his unsuspecting parents want it to be special, so they've searched high and low for just the right, thoughtful gift. As the day gets closer, they're full of excitement as they imagine the hours of joy and development he'll get from it.

The day dawns, extended family arrive and everyone gathers around the tree. Elliot is handed his gift and everyone watches proudly. He gleefully tears the wrapping off… then carelessly tosses the contents aside, thrilled at the most awesome crinkly paper it came in! What colours! What crackle! What fun to tear!

Sometimes the reward we intend to give isn't right, isn't as much fun, or isn't appreciated, even if we've carefully designed and considered it. Perhaps the most valuable thing we can deliver is something more subtle, or readily available, but right under our nose. We just need to think outside of the box.

Luke Chambers

Luke Chambers

General tinkerer, web tailor, user-centred design soldier and tall-ship sailor, Luke Chambers is a proud co-founder and Producer of this here, and also of UX Mastery, an online training resource with tips, tools and training for aspiring UX designers. Throughout his day he listens, sketches, tells stories and explains to people the 'why' of the design that happens behind the visuals. 

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