Sharpie or Stylus? The Pros and Cons of Analogue and Digital Sketching Tools

As digital sketching tools become more accessible, it’s natural that we'll begin to use them for tasks previously done on paper. But is the answer to go all-in on the digital tools? Or is there still an argument for picking up your marker of choice and a sketchpad? As someone who flits between paper and tablet on a daily basis, I've put some thoughts together about both sides of the argument. And to get meta with the process I prepared it as a sketchnote with half sketched on paper, and half sketched digitally.

So if Santa drops a tablet and a stylus in your stocking this UXmas, here is something to consider: Sharpie or stylus - the pros and cons of analogue and digital sketching tools.

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca is a Digital Workplace professional with a passion for visual thinking. She has been applying her UX, Product, Change and Engagement knowledge to intranets and the digital workplace since 2009. Her side gig is sharing the visual thinking love through sketchnotes, graphic recording, illustrations and workshops.

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