The Fold Still Matters… Sometimes

Folded newspaper

When we launched our new SEEK website the sign-in prompt was below the fold on some mobile devices, with no visual clue that there was something else below. Even when we designed using standard device sizes we often forgot about the extra browser bits that eat up precious pixels.

The Sketch template we've provided below looks at the most popular screen resolutions for our mobile visitors across iOS and Android with and without browser headers, browser bottom bars and app deep-linking banners so we can make sure our designs work across all these states.

We also found that designing with data stopped any pesky “I can’t see it on my screen” questions raised by stakeholders. Having the right data helped us say, “Sorry, all other device resolutions are less than 2% of traffic. Is this a priority?”

Happy sketching.

For more details, see Kayla's related post.

Kayla Heffernan

Kayla Heffernan

Kayla is a user and experiencer of products, frustrated with mediocrity and passionate advocate for the voice of all users. Kayla is a UX designer at SEEK and also undertaking a PhD in Interaction Design looking at digital insertables. In her spare time… she doesn’t have any.

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